Air Conditioner Brand Comparison: Blue Star or LG?

When planning to buy an air conditioner online, there are a lot of things that one needs to keep in mind. Budget is certainly one of them, but you also need to focus on your needs and which brand caters it the best. And with an increase in the total number of brands available in the market, it has become all the more difficult to decide the best air conditioner for use. All the ACs today is available at a similar kind of price, and is offering features that are equally good and important.


Today we will focus on comparing two brands, LG and Blue Star. Both of these are brands which are popular among users for buying air conditioner online. Both the brands can offer you an equally impressive range of split and window ACs to choose from, in varying capacities and energy saving abilities. The marked difference between both the brands comes from their usage. Blue star is the brand which is most preferred in offices for central air conditioning, or large scale air conditioning, because of its ability for running long hours. LG on the other hand is usually preferred for home use. The following points of comparison between the two will allow you to choose the best air conditioner online, out of these two.


Since both the brands are popular, they offer an equally good service to their customer. All your queries or issues will be dealt with promptly, as soon as you get in touch with the company or the dealer you bought it from.

A lot of the times, the service you receive for the air conditioner online also depends on the area you are putting up in. If the locality in which you reside is an isolated and not a very well connected place, there is a possibility that you might not receive the best of services.

Cooling Capacity

The cooling provided by the air conditioner in use largely depends on the capacity of the air conditioner online. If you have purchased a low capacity air conditioner from either of the brands, you will not be able to experience a great cooling effect whereas if you opt for an AC with a greater capacity, there is scope for experiencing an impressive cooling quality. Blue star however is known to provide a better cooling experience than LG.

Energy Efficiency

One of the key factors that you need to consider when buying an air conditioner online is its energy saving abilities. It doesn’t matter if the AC you are buying is cheap or expensive, if it is not energy efficient, it is a waste.

Even if you opt for a cheaper, 3 stars AC, instead of an expensive 5 star AC, you will end up paying greater electricity bills, because the cheaper one will consume more electricity.

One of the key things you should always notice while buying an air conditioner is the number of stars that are associated with it. An AC that is high on its star rating is the one with maximum energy efficiency capacity, this AC might be a bit more expensive, but will have lesser running cost.

Although LG and Blue star both are known to have efficient energy saving air conditioners, you can   opt for either of these two, Blue star however is known to have greater energy saving capabilities than LG.

Which one is better? – When it comes to deciding the best air conditioner online, from the two given brands, it is not possible without comparing models of the brands. So if you are having confusion regarding either of the two brands, always choose your preferred models from these bands, and then compare the features provided by them. Any particular model from a brand can be having better features. There is no prescribed excellence to either of them. The final decision has to be yours, and make sure you thoroughly compare the models of both brands before you select which one you wish to buy.

Depending on the features and the capacity, you can get middle to high ranging products in both the brands. Although both of them are equally reliable, Blue star is more preferred when it comes to air conditioners; LG on the other hand is more popular for its refrigerators and other kitchen appliances.

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