Best 9 Sweet Treats of India

India is popular in the world for its different varieties of sweets. You can find a new sweetmeat in every corner of India. So it is obvious that most of the Indians are having a sweet tooth. Every Indian is equally guilty to have ‘something sweet’! The Indian desserts have gained popularity in all over the world for their quality of taste and sweetness.

If you want to send sweets to USA, Germany, Indonesia, Korea or anywhere else in this world, you can select any of the variety of ‘mithai’ from the never-ending list of Indian sweets. Here I have listed below some legendary Indian sweets and the best places from where you can get them.
Here the list begins…


The white colored round shaped russulas are everyone’s favorite. These are prepared by dipping into the sweetened syrup, which floods your mouth with sweetness! Rasgullas basically belong to Kolkata.


Mysore Pak

This is a famous sweetmeat from the royal city of Mysore. If you like ghee then it is the right pick for you. This yellow colored sweet is practically dipped in the ghee.


Peda is available with multiple varieties in India. Basically, this is a sweet for the purpose of puja and it is served to the Gods. This round shaped pedas are extremely sweet in taste.


Rajasthan is the place that is the origin for ghewars. This sweetmeat is prepared with khoya and dedicated to the auspicious occasions.

Kaju Katli

This famous Marwari sweet dish and it is very popular in all over India. They are diamond shaped. A huge quantity of cashew nuts is used to prepare kaju katlis so that the flavour blows your mind.



To get the best phirni you have to wait for the festival of Eid or Ramjan. This is prepared by thickening the milk. Then it is kept for freezing in the earthen pots. After that tasty phirni gets prepared.


Halwa can be of many types, like suji ka halwa, gajar ka halwa and many more. The one thing that is common in every halwa recipe is they are boiled in milk to get prepared.


Pethas are one of the popular sweetmeats of Agra. Apart from gazing at the Taj Mahal, you must buy some pethas from there. You can get a variety of pethas there including kesar petha, coconut petha, dry petha, chocolate petha, etc.


Gulab Jamun

However, the name suggests ‘Gulab’ in it but this sweetmeat has nothing to do with roses. Soft balls made of khoya are deep-fried in the oil and then they are dipped into sugar syrup.


If your loved ones live in USA and want to taste Indian sweets, you can ask them to shop online. Even you can send these online sweets to USA on their special days.

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