Cakes Then And Cakes Now

Cakes are said to be the most delicious dessert and there are very few people who does not love to eat cakes. At present, one can find several flavoured cakes in different shapes and sizes. People also find a lot of decorated and frosted cakes with toppings as well.


Not only are those, the ingredients which are mainly used to bake cakes very easily available these days. There are lot of cook books and online recipes available with a help of which one can even bake a delicious cake at home. Those who love baking can easily experiment by making different types of cakes at home. If one wants online cake delivery in Jhunjhunu, then they can also check the online cake websites from where they can order their favourite cakes.

Cakes do have a story to tell. It has come down a long way. Many years ago, Celtic people were the first to make cakes. At that time, they used yeast to make flattened and sweetened breads which they called as cake. On the other hand, Egyptian people used to make round cakes with flattened breads. This is because; they used to bake cakes and dedicate to the Sun god or the Moon god. As both sun and moon are round in shape, they used to make cakes in a similar shape and then dedicate it to their gods. They also used to roll the cakes from top of a hill to the ground, if the cake rolled down without being damaged or break then they took it as a symbol of good fortune for them.

Proper cakes were started to be made from the medieval period in England. At that point of time, it was a rich peopleā€™s affair as the ingredients that they used to make the cake were not in reach for the ordinary people as they were very expensive. Much later, the things like sugar and baking powder became reasonable in price and then things came in control of ordinary people. In modern times, experiments started with ingredients and baking a cake. Since then, people started mixing and matching ingredients to make different types of cakes as well.

Now a day, there are varieties of cakes available with in numerousflavours and designs. There are different cakes for different purposes as well. On birthdays, there are different cakes and on weddings there are different cakes. In fact, cutting a cake on birthdays and cutting a cake at weddings has also been modern phenomenon which has become a regular affair these days. Birthday cakes are for longer lives and happy future and wedding cakes are more like blessings for a new couple and for their prosperous future and happy married life ahead.

To send birthday cakes online India, one can log into various cake sites which are available on the internet. One can log in there and select a cake of their own choice and then send it to their loved ones. The cakes are always delivered on time.

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