Free Weights Vs Gym Machines

The question is made by many. Which is better for you in order to lose weight and build muscles. To answer this question, we should first, stablish what our goals are going to be, what we want to reach every time we hit the gym. Some people may love free weights and others machines, so it`s really a matter of goals and likes. To talk about this, we will discuss first what are the pros and cons about both of them.

Free Weights Vs Gym Machines
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Machines Pros and Cons

We already know that machines are easy to use, anyone can learn how to use them properly. It can isolate your muscles per group, which is better, because you can work your muscles more efficiently. You can really do your workout with heavier weights without the risk of getting hurt. Weight machines are also good if you are recovering from an injury because you don`t put stress on your joints or muscles if you use low weight.

What about the cons? Well, when you use a machine you follow a patters and sometimes your movements are not the best. You need to set a great posture also, other way there is a risk of injuring yourself. It is possible that you want to try weights that you are not really prepare to use, this could be an issue and it is dangerous. You need to be sure of taking the right position every time you perform an exercise. And to end the cons… every time you go to gym you might not find space to workout if the gym is full of people.

Talking about free weights pros, we can say a lot. It will allow you to workout performing functional movements according to your status. This is something that you can do from home if you don’t go to gym. With free weights you are able to make the exercise complete, your range of motion is generally full and you also enjoy the freedom of movement rather than being stuck in a cage or a machine! Great for your joints also and plenty of different exercises you can do everywhere you want.

But when you use free weights you can also find some cons, for example, you need to know how to make your movements correctly. You need to learn this if you are not sure how to do it, so you can avoid injuries. If you use a bad form, you joint will get hurt.

Think smart and pick the best option for you. Both of them are great to improve your fitness life style.

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