Ice machine Buying Guide:

Ice machine is a device that is basically used for getting clean, cool ice. Now days it is considered as an important equipment specially in places like hospital and restaurant. But it is the food service industries for which it plays a vital role. With the plenty of manufacturers and models of ice machines, it can be really difficult to choose the best machine for particular situation.

When you are thinking of following an ice machine buying guide, it will suggest you to follow the following steps if you want to choose the right machine for you

Step – 1: Knowing what a commercial machine is.

Before buying anything anyone will obviously want to what it really is. The same thing is applicable here too. Before buying a commercial ice machine you need to know what it is first. Commercial ice machines are predominantly used in the food service industries. Ice making system starts with exterior water supply that provides water to a refrigeration system. This system forms the ice and a collection bin stores it. However, a commercial ice machine is a little more than just any ice making system.

Step – 2: Knowing about different types of commercial ice machine.

As there is different types and shapes in ice which are appropriate for various application, the ice machine is also a subject to variation. There are so different types of ice machine with different production rates, bin storage capacities and dispensing capabilities. So for choosing from them you need to know about them first.

Step – 3: Understanding the difference between air-cooled and water-cooled ice machine.

There are three types of ice machine condensers – Air-cooled, Remote air-cooled, or Water-cooled. You will have to decide which type of condenser will you choose for your ice machine.


Step-4: Understanding the size of commercial ice machine that you need.

While choosing a commercial ice machine for your business you must consider the amount of ice the machine will produce as well the physical space that the specific model may take in your place.

Step-5: Figuring out how much ice do you need.

Before buying any specific model of an ice machine you need to know how much ice you will actually need. This is where the capacity of the machine matters the most.

Step – 6: Identifying the machine that will meet your needs.

After figuring out the daily ice usage requirements, it will become easy to find the machine that will produce that amount each day. Keep the filter system in your consideration too. Because you definitely don’t want to provide anyone with funny tasting ice in their drinks. This is where you also should think about the size of ice storage bin that you will need.

Step – 7: choosing the place for installing the machine.

Before choosing an ice machine you need to consider a few facts that relates to the installation location which can affect the performance of the machine. These facts include water lines, drainage etc.

These steps are what you need to follow if you want to have an ice machine that you meet your business’s demand. As an important equipment in food service industry, this machine needs to be chosen carefully, in restaurants after oven this is what considered as the single most important machine in any food service business. You can also have a look on this website below to know more about the best ice maker

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