Repairing you phone – All by yourself

Mobile phone nowadays serve more than a mobile phone was intended to. After the invention of a mobile phone, it became popular very fast just because of mobility. However, the today’s most basic mobile phones serve added features. Even the lowest configured mobile phones can play music or have a radio listening feature. With the inclusion of features, mobile phones are getting harder to repair day by day. Upcoming mobiles in India will surely have more complex parts to repair. As it has already become too tough to repair phones, the user should take much care while using the phone. Repairing a mobile phone is costly and tough for an average user. Usually, the most common problem is broken screen. The screen of a phone usually breaks by slipping off from the hand. The manufacturers are trying to make more durable phones. But they need to sacrifice the durability to get the best looking device within the reach of the people. However, there are some other problems too that can be fixed with little efforts.

The consumers usually decide not to repair a phone by themselves. In most cases, the phone can be repaired. So the first thing to decide if a phone can be repaired or not. If a phone can be repaired, then the user should take this in mind that repairing a phone needs some tools, technical skills and lots of patience.


Experimenting on your device seems fun. But there are lots of risks too. Repairing the phone by oneself will surely save some cost but it has high possibility to damage the device for good. So before attempting to repair a device, one should be sure if he has the confidence to do it or not. And different tutorials are available on video websites that should be watched carefully. The user will find specific model videos with ease. After watching these tutorials the user will get an idea about how tough the repair is and if he/she can do it on his/her own.

After being sure about the reparability, the user will need the specific parts that are needed to fix the phone. With some effort, the user can find the specific parts that are needed to repair the phone. The user should double check for the problem and be very specific of the parts. If the parts are available, the user can buy the parts. As a newbie, the user should justify the prices of the parts needed to get the best possible price. After all, saving some money is the main focus here.

After collecting all the tools and parts needed, the actual work starts. Repairing a mobile phone needs patience. There are small parts underneath the phone and the user should be very careful not to damage any of them. If the user gets confused, he/she should watch the tutorial again to be sure. After carefully getting the job done, assemble the phone as it was and it should work just fine.

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